Product Knowledge One Sheet

Born in Belgium, Komono is the creation of best friends Raf Maes and Anton Janssens, whose history of travel and adventure forms the DNA of the brand.  Since then, Komono has become a symbol of taste, style and sensibility, found in the best stores across the globe. 

Selling Tips:

Komono has a watch for every occasion at a price that encourages shoppers to have more than one.

Komono watches range from classic to contemporary, able to capture the tastes of a wide market.

Komono’s calf skin straps and brushed metal cases convey the trappings of a luxury timepiece.

Dependable Japanese movement.

Merchandising Tips:

Displaying abundantly showcases Komono’s variety and aesthetic.

Utilizing custom POP lends to tell the brand story of Komono.

Merchandising with fashion brands aligns with the on-trend evolution of Komono.


Komono’s flagship silhouette

Styled in a wide range of looks

Leather, fabric or metal mesh band

Brushed or Matte metal case

Artist Series:

Annual collaboration with known artists

Demonstrates Komono’s values and aesthetic

Generates broad appeal beyond art and fashion


Exciting bursts of creativity outside of our seasonal collections

Utilizing interesting materials and design elements

Limited availability to drive buzz and sales


Our preeminent women’s silhouette

Classic round shape with smart, elegant strap pairings.

Leather or metal mesh band

Brushed or Matte metal case


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