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These Guys Just Get It

Don’t get me wrong. If I hiked into the Ansel Adams Wilderness to find 130 partying Sierra Club members, I’d probably hightail it over the nearest mountain pass in sight. But watching this 1941 film, shot by the Sierra Club on a summertime outing to Garnet Lake, it’s hard not to want to be part of the fun. Hiking, climbing, swimming, skiing, fishing and lakeside libations by the gallon, these folks just get it. They’ve got fucking volleyball and every other lawn game you can imagine.

There’s a bit they don’t get, around impact and sustainability. Anyone who’s ever wanted to bend Leave No Trace rules to collect a campsite bouquet, you might get a little jealous. But you’ll probably already be jealous from all the damn fun they’re having out in one of the most beautiful areas in the Sierra.

So have a watch and get out there this weekend too!