Whistleblowing is not speech because cows can "Moo" for themselves.

As everyone has learned in the past week the Grand Old Party, and now America at large, believes money equals speech,  plain and simple, 1:1.  What does not equate to speech is an individual filming animal abuse in Idaho cattle facilities.  In February of this year Idaho Republican Governer C.L. Otter signed a law that makes filming inside agricultural facilities without the owner's knowledge illegal, carrying harsher punishments than the for committing the abuse captured on film.  The law came to fruition after Idaho's 2.4 billion dollar dairy industry complained a video compilation of animal abuse at Bettencourt Dairies in Southern Idaho, distributed by Mercy For Animals, unfairly hurt business.  

Oh yeah, money equals speech.  

An amalgamation of animal and civil rights groups are now suing the state of Idaho, countered by Attorney's for the state and Governor Otter by filing a motion to dismiss last week, citing the law violates neither free speech or equal protection."

You can check out the footage above if you don't already get the gist.  It's a shame to think those who are exposing the treatment are the one's seen hurting business and not the Natty-Ice slugging fuckheads doing the damage on the job.  I'd also like any meat eaters to give thanks to their local small scale producer who loves his cows very much.  Pay more for piece of mind.