NSA May Have Used Heartbleed for years

Remember a couple weeks ago when people were furious at Thailand's government for failing to provide radar data in connection with missing jet MH370, explaining simply that no one asked for it?  Greta Van Susteren was so livid she called Thailand lame, cruel and awful and implied they owe a debt to the world for their aid following the 2004 tsunami.

While Thailand's move was some unprecedented passive aggression, especially in those first days when locating survivors was the marquee objective, I wonder what people will say about the NSA knowing about the largest security glitch in the history of the internet....for two years.

Not only did they know about the glitch effecting 10's of millions of people and 2/3 of the internet, they utilized the bug as a tool to query intelligence according to two anonymous sources.

This isn't to say my Chase account getting hacked compares to dying or at the least, missing at sea.  However, this is a perfect example of our government willingly withholding information from its people that could knowingly hurt them like thisthis, this, or this.