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 p: 20th Century Fox

p: 20th Century Fox

Guns on the Runway

In a menswear culture charmed by the old and timeless, the footholds of Americana, a rugged, manly market influenced by pioneers, farmers and homesteaders, explorers, outdoorsmen and the like, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a resurrection of the most classic American accessory, the pistol.  The hand piece, since its inception in the 16th century has been a staple for men from all walks of life, from the ruffians to the refined elite.

What’s not to like? A nickel plated six shooter, beautifully cast details, a dark hardwood grip hugged inside a rich tooled leather holster.  Sounds exquisite, perfect with denim or dressed up with trousers and jacket.  Add a little Pendleton, Filson, or Beans to finish the look.  A Stetson?  Why not, but it’s the hunk of iron on your hip that draws the attention, conveys responsibility, preparedness, determination if you wear it right, a subtle elephant in the room that you aren’t messing around. 

While men are going for looks fit for weekends with Teddy Roosevelt, a handgun is much more practical and wearable than a hatchet, a fishing rod, or an external framed backpack.  Hell, a 35mm handgun is easier to carry around than a 35mm camera.  Guns drip with heritage appeal.

Guns are a good look for any man.  Heritage we’ve covered, a .38 revolver should outfit anything turn of the century, civil war charisma, western yoked shirts and cowboy boots.  It will also suit the eastern woodsman look perfectly.  A stubby .357 should pair well with the more “city man”, who’s dirty appearances and whiskey habits were born on the pavement beneath city lights, not on the cattle ranch.  The street wear kids obviously want the 9mm.  Suiting up?  Go with something slim in a shoulder holster.  When you take your jacket off for dinner, your date will know what’s up.  Speaking of the ladies, something compact and flashy sounds sexy perched in your garter or boot.   Whatever style you’re into, past or present, there’s a gun for you!

Sure, guns are fucked up devices used for fucked up devises but one can’t refute their magnetism and beauty.  It’s true menswear.  Guys can grow out their beards and wear big boots, but until you’re walking heavy, you’re still a dandy.  For fall, get a gun.


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Fashion Camping

As a region of fashion and culture ascends from the buildings and blacktop of our metropolises into the wild spaces of nature, as more attention is paid to construction, content and features, and sartorial distinction returns to our play clothes, Fashion Camping takes handpicked pieces from our industry, and puts them to the test on high peaks, dense forests, remote islands and ancient trails.  Reviewing usefulness, technical aspects and of course aesthetic, Fashion Camping celebrates the return of style to the wild.

Featured products will be tested, reviewed, and photographed across the American West and presented on wearethemarket.com and the Capsule newsletter.

If you’d like any of your products highlighted by our resident adventurer please contact our West Coast office.