Destroyer Dependent

Destroyer Dependent 

Is the world a zoo?
That may be true,
for we’ve forced nature
into feedback loops.

Trees need planting
or land will erode
and carbon emissions
cannot be slowed.

Monarchs need milkweed
lanes for migration,
rivers and lakes
need waterway conservation.

Land needs lawyers,
chimps need rights,
conifers need chemicals
for pine beetle blights.

Cougars need bridges
Condors need feeding
rams, relocation
and wolves need breeding.

And off the coast
it’s no less drastic.
Oceans need vacuums
to suck up the plastic.

The trout need taxis
the reefs need tums
fisheries need restriction
against dwindling sums.

And sadly still
much will be lost,
balanced on paper
as an economic cost.

And once the world
is forced to the brink,
it is us, Earth’s pyrexia
who will wind up extinct.