Copy Revision

My first work with Clae involved revising an advertisement.  The graphic is what I originally received. My copy below is what went into print.

Notes:  A couple things I noticed.   100 hands gives you the image of a huge factory where people would rather think of one amazing cobbler working on each pair.  Also on style, I feel like you guys are doing something new rather than timeless.  Revisions below.


Each pair of Clae shoes starts with rich, raw materials.  Leather and rubber are sculpted through fifty intricate steps of our manufacturing process ensuring a shoe that is as sturdy as it is stylish.


We grew up on parks, courts, and fields.  Clae shoes redefine the sneaker for the modern man who isn’t so hard headed for hard bottoms. 


Combining comfort and class, Clae shoes are a perfect fit for any occasion.   Business or pleasure, there’s a pair of Claes for every walk of life.